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Taylor Pecan Farm

The Taylor Pecan Story

Farm to Table - quite literally.

The Pecan Process

The Taylor Pecans family farm has been in business since 2005 but has been the unofficial PECAN family for generations.  


1. Plant the tree

Between November and February (the dormant season), we dig a hole about 3 feet deep so that it is wide enough and deep enough to accommodate the tree's intricate root system. Our trees are planted about 20-30 feet apart (closer together because we thin them out) and we water them a crazy amount (but not too crazy, it's more like the right amount). 

Blooming Plant
Dirty Shovel

About 1 year later...


2. We have roots 

Developing the root system takes about a year and is extremely intricate, with some of the root system reaching up to 20 feet deep. The deeper the root system on a pecan tree, the healthier the tree. And the healthier the tree, the more delicious the pecans are. Okay, so that is just speculation, we don't know for sure if that's true. It makes sense to us though.

About 5 to 10 years later...

Yes, it really takes that long. But don't all good things take time? We do get some nuts after 5 years, but for commercial use, 10 years is the standard. 

3. The trees start producing nuts 

Into June and July, the pecan tree starts producing green nuts. This is when we start preparing for harvest. Into October and November, brown nuts start to come out of the green shell. 


5. We have a SHELLED pecan

We take pride in our harvesting techniques but also in how we care for our trees. We pay special attention to the soil, the fertilize we use, how much and when we water, pruning our trees, harvesting them, and then running them through to be shelled. It is truly a family affair (our dogs and chickens love it too.)


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